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New Year, new headphones - Hello 2019!

Hello 2019

2019 is upon us and we here at Resonance are really excited about what it will have in store. Since launching our earphone brand back in 2017, we have spent weeks and months choosing the right tech specs for our first product and talking to designers & suppliers while keeping an eye on cost. Step by step we have perfected our earphones and are proud to now officially sell the Resonance Xtreem model through our website and Amazon page. 

Our focus for this year will be to get the word out about our brand and provide as many fellow music, gym and sports lovers with a high quality earphone experience. 

What Resonance is all about

We started Resonance because we were fed up with the choices that are currently available in the earphones market. While there are premium high quality options out there, they are often heavily overpriced and do not justify an investment of several hundred dollars. The lower end of the market on the other hand is made up of cheap earphones with both poor build- and audio-quality that no one really enjoys buying or listening to.

That is why we have developed the Resonance Xtreem - the only earphones you will ever need that is truly value for money. Featuring true high definition sound, bluetooth v4.1 and 12 hours of battery life, we used only the best IPX7 waterproof materials to provide you with a great listening experience where ever you want to use them.

And because we are selling our earphones directly to you, we are able to cut out unnecessary costs that drive up prices, allowing us to offer the Xtreem at a very affordable price point of only 85 AUD.

The Xtreem Experience

Optimised for use in the gym, during runs or really for every sports activity, you will love the great fit and amazing feel of our earphones. They provide the perfect audio experience that you will want to have while getting in shape for the challenges and exciting moments of the new year. 


Here is to 2019 being truly amazing! We can't wait to hear from your experiences made with the Resonance Xtreem. Share story with them on our brand new Facebook page and follow us on Instagram at

The Resonance Team. 



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